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Small company with big skills!

Choosing a Quality Contractor

Things to Consider When Comparing the Estimates You Have Received


Carefully read the details in the estimate that is provided to you from all contractors and compare the details.



It seems that nearly everyone has had a negative experience with a contractor. At C & C Painting and Construction, we are constantly striving to improve the perception of the contractor by guaranteeing to complete your project in a professional manner.  Anyone with a paintbrush and a truck can call themselves painters.

Some guidelines to avoid pricey mistakes

To Back-Roll (or not):

At C & C Painting and Construction, we support the process of back-rolling.  All of the building trades have their own trade secrets, and professional painters are no exception. Experienced  painting contractors have learned that they can work faster and better when they apply paint with a sprayer, then immediately follow-up by using a paint roller to back roll the paint into the same surface.  The result is a professional-looking finish that’s likely to last for many years.  The process of back rolling involves the use a paint roller to press the paint that was previously applied by sprayer firmly and evenly into the surface of the wall. At the same time, the roller also fills any small cracks, holes or crevices with paint.

Watch a short YouTube video that gives an idea of this process at:

Spraying and back rolling a home has many advantages over the traditional "brush and roll" method. For starters it's MUCH faster and considering that a seal coat is applied first, the timesaving really adds up!


Quality of Work

Check the status of our contractor’s registration and our complaint record with the BBB. A contractor who is ‘too’ readily available is a red flag.  Most contractors book several months out.  For small jobs, some have a day or two available in between, but word of warning if a contractor can start tomorrow you should do more research.


Ask us how long we have been in the industry.  Ask us for our resume.  At C & C, we can show you samples of our work that go back decades.  Read our recent reviews here too.


Ask about our payment terms.  As a rule of thumb we ask for 50% as a deposit on a project and the balance upon 100% completion.  In some cases due to lead time we will split that into three(deposit, project start and completion) for projects that are booked more than two months in the future.

Acceptance of most major credit cards is another feature we offer.

Future – Financing options



  • Have all passed a background check
  • Will always ask before playing music on your property and it will never be offensive music
  • Will not use foul language
  • Will not leave a mess in your home, yard or on the job
  • Will not improperly park their vehicles in your neighborhood

More About Us

  • We are reachable in many ways and will always return your call/email within 24 hours to answer your questions, concerns or comments.  We pride ourselves on quality workmanship.
  • We will let you know up-front if we do not have the expertise to handle your project.  We have many contacts in the industry and will refer you to one of our trusted associates
  • We will not arrive late unless we have communicated a schedule change to you
  • We are presentable individuals that you can trust with your home and around your family
  • If we find hidden damage or problems we missed when giving you the quote, we’ll give you a written change order to approve before proceeding-so there are no final billing surprises.
  • We have a one-year workmanship warranty on all jobs and all paint has a manufacturer’s warranty – we’ll come back and fix any problems FREE OF CHARGE(1)


Presence of Lead-It is the LAW!-Know your responsibilities (And the responsibilities of your contractor)-WE ARE LEAD CERTIFIED RENOVATION CONTRACTORS

It is now required by the EPA that all contractors become lead certified if they are in a trade that there may be a risk of disturbing lead

Is Your Contractor ‘Lead Certified’:  As of April 22, 2010, anyone who conducts renovations, repairs, or painting in pre-1978 or child-occupied facilities must get certified. In addition to personal certification, there is also the requirement of getting your firm registered with EPA in order to ensure that you are not at risk to receive up to $37,500 in fines per day! Your contractor may have to take additional steps to contain the lead and dispose of it properly.

Will this affect the cost of my project?:  The short answer…..maybe.  There are, however, ways to work around this to mitigate the cost and at C & C Painting and Construction, we pride ourselves on working with you to be safe but at the same time, keep your project within the confines of a budget you can live with.

One Way- If the surface to be painted is not disturbed by sanding, scraping, window replacement, or other activities that may cause dust, the work is not considered renovation and the EPA's or Authorized State's lead program requirements do not apply. However, painting projects that involve surface preparation that disturbs paint, such as sanding and scraping, would be covered.

WE CAN determine if your home has lead or lead hazards by conducting an inspection to tell you whether your home(or a portion of your home) has lead-based paint and where it is located using an EPA Certified lead test kit.

(1)Does not apply to paint supplied by customer, galvanized metal, bleeding knots, moisture damage, rust, exterior varnished surfaces, peeling of previous paint layers, cracks or tape tears due ot a shifting building, paint cost, matching of paint, mildew-caused by moisture accumulation, rotten wood, rusted or disintegrating metals.