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Color Help-Let Us Help!

Can't decide? Feel like you are 'design-challenged?'  This doesn't have to be a dreaded decision. WE ARE HERE TO HELP.....

  • Paint colors  look different on an actual surface than they do in a booklet, on a website AND SPECIALLY on your phone.  We suggest that if you are really struggling with a color choice, you pick up a small quantity of paint from the store your contractor intends to use.  Most will happily oblige and some will not even charge you.....but regardless, it is worth the small investment to avoid unhappiness.  Apply this paint to the surface and allow it to dry.  Paint darkens as it dries.  Be sure to look at the paint at different times of the day and if possible, in different weather.

  • Look around your neighborhood(exterior)-If there are already three green homes, you may want to go a different way!  But at the same time, you don't want to choose a color that makes your home the house that everyone TALKS about....well whispers!

  •  Most of the major painting companies have color visualizing software.  Here you can usually take a photo of your home, upload it to their program and get a basic idea of what a particular color will look like on your home.  I really wanted yellow until I saw it on my home!  Click on any of these links to be redirected  Sherwin Williams, Rodda Paint and Benjamin Moore